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 kegunaan mind map

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PostSubject: kegunaan mind map   Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:30 am

A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the center, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added.

Mind maps have many applications in personal, family, educational, and business situations, including notetaking, brainstorming (wherein ideas are inserted into the map radially around the center node, without the implicit prioritization that comes from hierarchy or sequential arrangements, and wherein grouping and organizing is reserved for later stages), summarizing, revising, and general clarifying of thoughts. One could listen to a lecture, for example, and take down notes using mind maps for the most important points or keywords. One can also use mind maps as a mnemonic technique or to sort out a complicated idea. Mind maps are also promoted as a way to collaborate in color pen creativity sessions.

Mind maps can be used for:-

* Problem Solving
* Outline / Framework Design
* Anonymous collaboration.
* Marriage of words and visuals.
* Individual expression of creativity.
* Condensing material into a concise and memorable format.
* Team building or synergy creating activity.
* Enhancing work morale.

Mindmaps can be drawn by hand, either as 'rough notes' during a lecture or meeting, for example, or can be more sophisticated in quality. Examples of both are illustrated. There are also a number of software packages available for producing mind maps.
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kegunaan mind map
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